literature of the apocalypse_15

Durrenmatt: The Physicists

notes & response:
-Why the future doesn’t need us…
-Should certain things just not be explored, regardless of the potential benefits?
-What are mankind’s abilities to handle its intellectual responsibilities?
-“A law is only as good as the power that enforces it.”
-Voluntary Simplicity—will it be steamrolled by progress?
-“We do not ride on the railroad, it rides on us.”
-Globalization is actually designed to produce a Monoculture
-Diversity seems to be a protective strategy in that world out there.
-“Truth is always a delusion.”
-What does that say about us as a species if we don’t live according to what we know?
-“The action takes place among mad men and therefore requires a framework to keep it in place.”
-“Only in the mad house can we be free.”—Only in the mad house are we free to think freely…irony.
-It’s hard to think of any good program that hasn’t had bad consequences (generally unintended)
-“To understand is to justify.”
-Interpersonal harmony awaits all of us…
-“A drama about physicists must be paradoxical.”
-“It is paradoxical.”

Do we as human beings have the capacity to understand and interpret everything that the mind has to offer? This can be especially perplexing when one considers the role that culture plays in shaping our beliefs, both of self and of the society that surrounds. Foucault speaks of this power system and its ability to control the mind and body of an individual. So if a law is only as good as the power that enforces, maybe we should reconsider the enforcers and to what degree we allow ourselves to be enforced. It would appear as though a power structure suggests the simplification of what the individual and diversity tend to complicate or make more complex. But there isn’t necessarily one truth that should guide decisions, especially if we believe that “truth is always a delusion.” Perhaps the physicists never gave a thought to living according to surrealistic ideals. Maybe then there would be something different to say about us as a species, rather than the fact that we don’t live according to what we know.


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