literature of the apocalypse_11

Huxley: Ape and Essence, pp. 71-133

notes & response:
sits above?
———-> Primate/Human Brain
| ↑↓ conflict?
S { ———-> Mammalian ]—– If there’s any room for freedom in
| ↑↓ conflict? this model, where would it be?
———-> Reptilian (Fear/Hunger) (Layers of Conditioning)

-A temporary, cultural accident that you could, in theory, be free of
-20% of dry weight is bacteria; so, a large portion of you isn’t actually you
-“Psychology destroys our allusions of autonomy”
-“We don’t want to admit that we stand alone”
-Put idols in front of you and put it on a flag, then pledge your allegiance to it
-Cultures are structures of death-denial
-Man is a creature whose nature is to try to deny his creatureliness
-We want an enemy to degrade, someone to humiliate to raise us above the status of creature
-A place free of impurity, accident, and death
-Society has to contrive some way to allow its citizens to feel heroic; but how can this be accomplished without grinding up the rest of the world?
-There are no martyrs in resolution
-Well-dressed baboons that rule
-Are we all driven by a death anxiety?

How can a man truly stand alone if he relies on a faith in idols, or worse yet, the ruling of well-dressed baboons? Are idols not just that, in a sense—beating their chests with pride and arrogance but lacking the ability to always stand up straight and see with a foresight beyond that of rolling around in their own mess? We reject this with the declaration “Kill Your Idols!” [a phrase which creates a new kind of idolatry]—but remain obedient by pledging allegiance to that which we don’t truly know or understand. And how could we when we barely know ourselves? Stop waving the flags of promiscuity for the sake of shaking hands with false ideals, or idols—but really both appear to be the same when one examines the existence (or lack thereof). If culture truly structures this death-denial, of ourselves and of the idols we create, perhaps we should reshape the culture so it can accept an end to the cycle. Forget the anxiety of the unknown and resolve the lack of martyrs in determination.


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