narrative apocálypsis 03 (unjustified)


What’s the means to make use of the machines,
and what language would we have them speak?
Speak and they must for if they don’t, the language
may die and so too will man and his time.
Perpetual, cyclical, but undefined—
that could be the fate of a world too entangled
in its own mystery of mechanical
compensation. Why use the term compensation?
—Because there seems to be an expectation
of equivalence from the man-made machinery.
We put in blood, sweat, science, and intellect
and expect the same in return. But from
what—a product to further feed our needs
of consumption? Walk any street of any major
city and it plays like a commercial
for Capitalism pushing propaganda
circa the age of technological
codependence and brainwashed consumerism:
Buy this machine because it will make your
life easy…er
. Right? Eat it up, consume
to your credit’s limit, and wash it down
with a wave of the hand to worry as
entertainment is served on another
corporation’s finest china—I mean
channel. Television, that’s the key. But
don’t believe everything you see, just
everything you read on your Mac or
PC. The Internet has intervened
and it’s here to relieve you of your mind’s
abilities, or is it inabilities?
I forget, let me Google it. The answer
should be prescribed in approximately
half a second→
…and there you have it. Request processed and
progress is completed. Or is it?…

…Soma! We need more soma if we’re
truly expected to perform to our
full potential. We have these hearts and
these minds but passion and intuition
only limit—deprive. They neglect the
need for freedom because in One State there
is only One Decision and that is
O-mission. O’s mission, the Organized
Mission, makes most sense when the common
answer is to free one of common sense.
Because it’s uncommon to want what’s best
for your own defense: Repent! Make use of
only the tools your Benefactor has
given you but do NOT invent, only
re-invent. More specifically, your hands
of time must be aligned with the Table
of Hours. If you wish to be fed, you must
rinse your hands of discretion and use only
blunt instruments to eat your day’s meds; give
grace to the Guardians and bow to the
head of Our Table. This is perfection
prescribed one day at One State’s time.

To the males—your oddness has been pre-fixed
by the constants of your consonants and
you may never be divorced from it. For
marriage is not an option, don’t even
consider it. All women are devoted
to, and dually noted by, their vowels
of which have been pre-written and even
in disposition. Again, odds don’t even
think of it. This must be accepted, it
is a given. There’s no place in glass hearts
for love and it’s passion—it will be seen
as weakness and you will be punished.
Your crime is treason and you will be deemed
unequal. But equivalence is not
your mission; leave that to the man-made free
thinkers. Don’t you see where this cycle must
end…where it began, perhaps?

And thus the man has made the machine, but
in turn become the machine from which the
man is made. Separate. Define progress
if really we mean dependence on machinery.
Seven generations from this point in
time would most likely suggest a failure
to appease the means of becoming hybrid
human beings. Intelligent machines,
the “mind children” of Moravec’s short term
paradise will meet their demise when the
process for manufacturing relies
on the minds of men being uploaded
into their machine bodies. We must take
back creativity if ever we
are expected to recreate, procreate,
or create what isn’t meaningless.
Otherwise, the answer may be to destroy
in order to deter from interfering
with the human condition.

It is the invention of new languages
and man’s ability to recreate
its methods of communication that
have afforded generations the
ability to survive. However,
progress and permanence as a culture
suggest looking past logical explanations
for emotions. We’ve witnessed the transience
of this universe and know that there are
two options: either acclimate ourselves
to this temporary condition or move
against it. The creation of language
attempts to slow this process down so that
time too will start to slow, and the imagination
may begin to conceive of the freezing
of time. Freedom should not, and cannot,
exist in the hands of a body that
believes its being produces the mind.
For it is the liberation of the
mind’s production of the body that lends
one the imagination to approach
an understanding of a spirit or soul.

There’s romance to the language of the
imagination and the ways in which
it parts the lips. Though mathematics and
divisions of infinity may find
their divine beauty in the digestibility
of portions and differentials, it’s
important not to fear the limits of
a circle (or even the word limitation).
It’s the fear of the cycle that will only
get in the way of the imagination
and its progression. How does a man conceive
of something, anything, beyond his own
existence without imagination?
It’s bigger than the body (but perhaps
not the mind) and history has proven
man’s ability to strive beyond the
limitations of the collective machine.
Therefore, consciousness must be reordered
in order to break free from the machine.
This relationship between love and language,
a collective consciousness, may sound
romantic but it begs to enlist
perpetual evolution. And under
these limitations, an individual
is free to choose whether or not it’s
revolutionary to move against


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