literature of the apocalypse_2

Bloom: “Mother Nature, The Bloody Bitch”
Hawthorne: “The Birthmark” & “Rappaccinni’s Daughter”

notes & response:
-Human beings carry a toxic chemical load
-But there is an influence in the light of morning that tends to rectify whatever errors of fancy, or even of judgment, we may have incurred during the sun’s decline, or among the shadows of the night, or in the less wholesome glow of moonshine.
-Hawthorne’s use/connection to the Garden of Eden
-Nor did he fail again to observe, or imagine, an analogy between the beautiful girl and the gorgeous shrub that hung its gem-like flowers over the fountain
-The question of the role of women and their connection to the rest of the world/end of the world
-How often is it the case, that, when impossibilities have come to pass, and dreams have condensed their misty substance into tangible realities, we find ourselves calm, and even coldly self-possessed, amid circumstances which it would have been a delirium of joy or agony to anticipate!
-Fate delights to thwart us thus. Passion will choose his own time to rush upon the scene, and lingers sluggishly behind, when an appropriate adjustment of events would seem to summon his appearance.
-The purpose of Native American science is to figure out how to live a more ethical life; almost entirely the opposite of our science (Vine Deloria)

I was most intrigued by this idea of women being responsible for the end of the world and its relation to Eve in the Garden of Eden. Although it can be argued that Eve brought about the destruction of the garden and Adam’s eventual demise, I’m fascinated with the notion that any future destruction will be brought about in female form. Perhaps this is more of a universal concept that can be related to the Fates and how that relates to faith and fate. Despite our errors of judgment, for both male and female, passion does seem to supersede all that begs for an appropriate adjustment of events. And is it really wrong to be coldly self-possessed, or selfish in any way, when this life does appear to have one beginning and one end? When this relates to dreams and the understanding of making those dreams tangible, it’s hard to imagine a shared connection with those of others. In the sleep state, I believe that all human being minds take on their full understanding of passion and intuition. And whether it’s a delirium of joy or agony to anticipate, it feels almost impossible not to anticipate. We contemplate the necessity and results of all good and evil and it’s our beliefs that allow us to hold onto whatever hope or passion we may have.


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