Every work of art has a beginning and an end.  The beginning is generally based on an idea—a thought that leads to a process and development.  After this thought or idea works its way around in the mind, a decision must be made.  Every decision has a consequence and every consequence can lead to either failure or success, both of which are terms that mean different things to different people.  This is why the beginning of a work of art can be a very frightening task.

The most intimidating part of this process for me is the notion that I will strip myself of anything that will interfere with the personal experience that should be what is considered art.  It becomes the most exciting, and most frightening, moment up to that point in my life.  How exactly should I begin?  What will be the result?  Will it become what I want it to be?  Will anyone else like it?  These are all questions that cross my mind, but as an aspiring artist you have to put these thoughts in the back of your head.  And if you don’t, your work will suffer greatly.  Art thrives off of intimidation and fear, not your ability to hold back or how safe you can be.  This only interferes with the experience of freeing yourself from any preconceived notions or expectations.  Forget everything that you think is art; forget every work of art that you admire.  And remember only that you have your own mind and your own hands, and together you are capable of creating something beautiful.  This beauty exists within creation and every creation becomes a form of self-expression.


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