pallet frame + board

photos of the finished board(s).  i oxidized the metal myself with a homemade solution and screen printed the collage image onto the metal.  the print ended up being 4 layers:  2 white, 1 teal, and 1 gold (in that order).  the text must be viewed from up-close because of the size and the opaque gold ink.  the boards within the frame were ripped off the pallet (using a crowbar and hammer) and left in the condition in which they were removed.  the frame was made from the stringers of a newer pallet that were carefully removed and cut using a table saw after all nails were pried out with channellocks.  these stringers also had printed text that i chose to emphasize on both the front and the back bracing of the frame.  the frame was assembled with screws and the ripped pallet boards were nailed onto 3 back bracing boards.


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