pallet collage + narrative

here’s the collage with the poem/narrative.  i decided to stick with the original collage after i made a few adjustments and lined everything up correctly.  i’m pleased with how the text reads as a graphic within the collage, which was the original intent.  i hope the text can be understood as a commentary rather than cynical because that was not the idea; i hope this will provoke thought and exploration, not cynicism.  and the narrative was intentionally written to be read in a few different ways (paying close attention to structure, layout, and highlighted words) so there’s not necessarily a right or wrong reading of the text.  i really wanted it to serve as an explanatory piece of the puzzle within the collage.  again, i stress the importance of removing my thoughts and opinions as much as possible from this in hopes that the work as a whole will invoke questions within the viewer.  and therefore the interpretation is left to that viewer.


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