pallet frame

this is a found image that i photoshopped to help convey an idea for a sustainable pallet design competition.  it’s more or less a sketch of what i hope my final product will resemble.  the frame will be made of newer/cleaner pallets and the inside will be made of ripped/weathered/dirty pallet boards that have undergone years of torture and abuse from shipping or being left to decay in a field somewhere or outside of a warehouse.  this idea is essentially a commentary on sustainable design and the process/decay of a building.  the argument is a question of whether or not it’s really worth the time/money/effort to focus on sustainable design, or “green architecture.”  does the end justify the means?  will this approach to design really prolong the lifespan of a building?  is it our job or concern as artists and designers to address these questions?  or should we be more concerned with the aesthetics of design–creating something beautiful?  ideally, this piece will invoke this type of thought and these questions within the viewer.  it’s an attempt to challenge the beliefs of people like myself and other students of design alike.  that’s not to say that there is a right or wrong way to view the piece or to form opinions, because they are just that.  however, it is important to at least consider the different options and to weigh what’s important to each individual designer.


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