water thoughts

collage/part 1

this is a collage i made in an attempt to represent what anthropomorphism means to me. it consists of magazine clippings and splattered watercolor paint. when i think of what anthropomorphism means i tend to think of deities and how often these “divine characters” take the form of a human being with the head of an animal or some other creature. i used the head of a deer because they are pretty peaceful creatures and i think it’s interesting to consider the thoughts of such a creature, especially in a “deer in the headlights” sort of situation. i think at this moment in time, an explosion of thought takes place and the result is one of mesmerization. this can most certainly be said of humans as well. and as a result, i chose to use the splattered and dripped watercolor paint as a means to portray this explosion of thought or expansion of understanding. and the rest i’ll leave for the viewer to interpret. (this is the first in a series of projects)


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